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Our theme encompasses the foundational beliefs of both Interior Alignment® and Soul Coaching® -- creating sacred space for the soul both within ourselves and our homes, and within the homes and souls of our clients.  We in Interior Alignment have invited our Soul Coaching Practitioner family to be a part of the presenters at this year conference, as a way to learn from each other and support each others beautiful mission in the world

At the last conference in San Luis Obispo, we had a practitioner only evening of presentations and information to take your business to the next level. Based on many requests we have expanded this to offer a day of professional track offerings on Friday, November 3.

The workshops and events on Friday are dedicated to practitioners only, with sessions that focus on enhancing your business practices and providing in-depth information for our practitioners. (This day welcomes graduates and current students of ANY Denise Linn certification programs)!

(photo from 2015 conference)

We will start at 9 am and be information and experience packed till  6 pm! Expect a day filled with inspiration, business tips, and in-depth information for those at looking to sharpen their skills, and be re-energized! You will have Friday evening off, to reconnect with friends, and enjoy the Orlando area! (If you want to be a Vendor at our conference you will have Friday evening to set up your shop!)

Saturday and Sunday are open to the public, and our esteemed speakers from both the Interior Alignment® realm and the Soul Coaching® community will be offering dynamic presentations to spark ideas in your life and business! Saturday evening will be a networking and socializing event, planned to allow you time to connect with old friends and new! You have the option to purchase meal tickets for the lunch and dinner, making your Saturday at the conference uninterrupted joy! Both Saturday and Sunday will be filled with presentations, however we will have out closing on Sunday by 4 pm, for those needing to fly out that evening.





Our Keynote Speaker: MEADOW LINN

Creating a Healthy and Joyous Body for Your Soul - on Saturday November 4th

In this keynote talk, learn what is the greatest indicator of happiness. Hint: It’s not income or education.

Meadow Linn, the co-author of The Mystic Cookbook: The Secret Alchemy of Food, will show you how to improve your health and increase your happiness by making simple changes. Additionally, you’ll gain tools to bring juicy deliciousness into all areas of your life. After attending this talk, your life will never be the same!

For more details about this and the other topics on out PUBLIC days, visit



Friday, November 3, 2017 - Professional Track Day

for Denise Linn Seminars Students and Graduates only! 

This includes those who are current students or hold certification in:

Interior Alignment (Instinctive feng shui or 7 Star Blessing space clearing), Elemental Space Clearing, Soul Coaching, Soul Coaching Oracle Card Reading, Gateway Dreaming, Certified Clutter Coach, as well as practitioners from the European Essential Space Clearing, the Linn Method Healing practices

8:00 -  9 :00         Registration
9:00 -  9:15          Opening Ceremony/ Welcome / Intention Setting
9:15 - 12:45          Presentations
12:45- 2.00           LUNCH (on your own)
2:00 -  5:45          Presentations
5:45 -  6:00          CLOSING
(6:00 - 8:00pm Vendor setup)

Professional Track Presentations

The Linn Academy: 21st Century Essentials for Coaching Home and Heart

LuAnn Cibik

As Practitioners and Graduates of one of the many powerful certification programs created by Denise Linn, we offer the world an amazing gift to transform homes and lives. There has never been a more important time for us to deliver our services and gifts to the planet.

Learn more abot how to effectively market your business on social media, and ways to connect with the clients that are your perfect clients. Find out what the IA and SC organization are rpoviding to help your social media marketing to be easier and more effective.

The Linn Academy was formed this year to be the gathering point for all certification programs and graduates of one of Denise Linn's programs. Learn what these different powerful programs are, and what we have in common, as well as the unique and beautiful services that graduates from each system can provide.

The Linn Academy is shining the light on graduates so that they can do their remarkable work in the world. Find out how you can take advantage of these opportunities to make the most of your certification.


Secret Messages from the Home

Terry Bowen

Our clients invite us into their homes, into their lives. They share with us their heartaches, their hopes and dreams. When we visit our clients’ homes, whether it is remotely or in person, we learn so much more as to what is happening.

This information is very present to our clients, but they often don’t see it because it’s part of their everyday life, but we can peer past the everyday and reveal the secrets that the home is whispering to its owners.

There is great power in helping the client uncover those secret messages; they become empowered to take back their own lives. However, when they become stuck, there are other ways we can help our clients, and this is through using oracle cards.

Join Terry Bowen as he helps you connect with your own inner oracle, the wisdom you have as a practitioner; which will in turn help you to help your clients. You will learn some basic, but powerful, ways to use the cards. He will also share with you how you can perform a bagua reading using oracle cards to work with client or leave as a gift for them to use after your consultation.

Creating and Teaching Engaging Workshops

Felicia D'Haiti

Presenting workshops or classes is a great way to spread the light of Interior Alignment® and Soul Coaching® and attract new clients. Do you ever hesitate about giving a workshop because you don’t know how to organize the content, or even what to focus on? Do you wonder what best practices are recommended for engaging the interest and participation of your audience members?

In this presentation, participants will be given tools to organize and present a workshop, including tips on how to engage the audience and what presentation methods can be used with different learning styles. Participants will be walked through steps to deciding on a topic, focusing on the question or main point they will provide their audience with, and how to decide what to include in the presentation that will be relevant and most helpful for their audience. Participants will brainstorm ideas for their next workshop and be able to create a working outline.


Who Is Your Client?: Expand your business by narrowing market you target

Blanka Vun Kannon

We, Soul Coaching and IA Practitioners, have big hearts and want to serve everyone.

However, too general language on your website or other marketing materials can mean that it will not resonate with anyone...

Are you targeting women, or men, mothers with young children, or single women who long for a relationship? They need to hear different language from you, since they have different needs.

Get more clarity about who your clients are and brainstorm how to tweak your marketing language to be even more successful in your Soul Coaching or IA practice.


A Toolkit for Working with Dreams & the Elements in Your Practice

Patti Allen

"As coaches, we create not only clear and sacred space with our clients, but a trusting and intimate working relationship. When a connection is made and trust develops, clients open up and share their life and their dreams…their nocturnal dreams!

In this creative and experiential workshop, appropriate for new or experienced dream-working Soul Coaches and IA practitioners alike, participants will learn how to use the elements to create sacred dream space, how to respond to a shared dream, including how to allow their clients to find their own meaning, without over-analyzing the dream. In the short space of one workshop, they will learn all the basics to intuitively and professionally help a client begin to understand their dreams, along with a special focus and approach to how the elements can provide clues, inform and open up the dream work, and bring healing to their clients. Coaches will be given information about “Red Flag” dreams so they can discern which dreams to work with through talk, which to work with energetically and intuitively and which dreams to refer on to a mental health professional.
Creative Living Beyond Balance in Symmetry

Anni Kemp

Interior Alignment™ is beautiful wisdom that empowers us, Practitioners, to enable our client to discover new insights, gain freedom from barriers and invite Light into their lives. Today’s culture and community is full of activity and stimulus that compete for our client’s attention. During consultations I’ve found power in threes. The Soul is a part of our human trinity; Mind, Body, Spirit and addressing all three leads us to a well rounded consultation.

Deeply reviewing three areas of my client’s home has led us, both the client and I, to discover a symmetry of solutions as well as connectivity of modern life leading the client to have a new symmetric outlook and insight. This is life beyond balance. The life of our client is no longer two parts of their life competing for their attention, looking at a family calendar reveals a complex culmination of all the lives, interests and commitments. Entering the client’s home reveals where we can help them gain clarity, rely on current strengths and engage more stability. Reviewing examples of the power of three will give you a technique to use when working with clients, an outline for your own activities and insight to the alchemy of three. The simplicity and creativity of it makes it as easy as 1, 2, 3.


How to Create High-Vibe Offerings That Feed Your Profits + Your Soul

Vanessa Velez

Did you know that 97% of people who buy an online course never complete it?  Why? Because there's so much content out there, but not all of it is designed to truly connect and create results.

Join Vanessa Velez, and discover The 7 E's to Creating Exceptional Offerings, so that you can stand out in the marketplace AND help your clients get results. Whether you're creating your first offering, or refining and elevating an offering you already have, you'll walk away with ideas and strategies you can implement today. The 'shift' is already happening, and it's showing up in the marketplace too. Up until recently, people were craving more content + consumption. Today, we want more connection + authenticity.

And it's creating a golden opportunity for heart-centered, soul-driven entrepreneurs to truly stand out and make a difference - in the lives of their clients and the world.True success shouldn't be measured by your sales or a number in your bank account, it should be measured by the transformations and change you've helped create in people's lives. That's what the world needs more of. Are you ready to create an offering that generates an impact + an income? Let Vanessa help YOU make your mark on the world.









$425 for this Intimate and Rich Offering!

Public prices for TWO DAYS of this stellar conference!

However, Students and graduates of Denise Linn programs get ALL THREE DAYS for this amazing price!

It is an INCREDIBLE VALUE for the rich offerings in this powerful conference!


(Sorry - no one day passes are available)

Refunds/Cancellations: Refunds for conference will be offered for cancellations prior to 8/23/17. There are no refunds after this date.

After 10/26 all registration is at the door! Cash, Check, or credit car accepted!





Our Hotel! Springhill Suites

SpringHill Suites Orlando Airport is an all-suite hotel offering you first class service, located minutes away from all of the excitement of Orlando, Florida. Our Orlando Airport hotel is also just a short drive from the newly developing Lake Nona Medical City and area attractions.

Complimentary shuttle service will transport you right to our hotel's front door from the airport. You can then start your day with our newly updated complimentary breakfast buffet, including fresh cut fruit, cereal, pastries, and many other delightful options.

In the evenings, take a short walk to popular local restaurants or enjoy your time by our outdoor pool. Our hotel offers free Wi-Fi, 24/7 fitness center, and complimentary parking.





We have some amazing vendors scheduled for this event!

Barbara Evans - The Art of Raising Frequency - Art and Jewerly


The Art of Intention - Anni Kemp - Intention Art, clothing and much more!


Perfect Balance: Rocks, Crystals, Shamanic tools and antique Japanese Haori


Elemental Space Clearing: Exquisite Balinese Bells and other unique tools for space clearing


Dancing Spirit Feng Shui - Tools for feng shui practitioners and fans to use crystals with the bagua


Symbols of Your Life - Sarah Paola -Books and readings!


Diantha Harris - Life Potentials - Color essentials - books, sprays and more!






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Come to the conference - and bring your marketing materials for our PRACTITIONER TABLE!

Connect with others at our meet and greet on Saturday evening

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